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Dave Stahl
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Dave Stahl Band Recordings


This second recording of Dave's band is again a studio recording. Miranda is a double LP or single CD with over 74 minutes of music. (The same material is included in both formats.) There are 12 original pieces and 1 arrangement — Smokey Robinson's "Ooo Baby Baby". The context of the music in this recording covers a broader area. There are straight-ahead jazz pieces, contemporary grooves, blues, ballads and the slow 12/8 arrangement of Smokey's tune. As with Anaconda, this double LP incorporates the DMM process and once again the thickest and best virgin vinyl was used to enable true CD quality sound. Currently available CD format only.


The title piece, an original by Dick Lowell, mixed-tempo, contemporary chart with features by Dave Stahl (trumpet), Rob Aries, Joel Rosenblatt, and Vince Fay, the rhythm section and band gets a workout with difficult lines, some technically demanding solo interplay from the rhythm section

Arrangement by Tom Boras of an original funk tune with solos by Dave Stahl (trumpet) and Tom Boras (baritone), features hot ensemble unison lines

Ooo Baby Baby
Tom Boras arranged this, a slow 12/8 groove that doubles up into a jazz swing with solos by Frank Perowsky (alto), and Dave Stahl

Breaking Out
An original flag-waving jazz chart by Frank Perowsky, solo by Chris Pasin, Chris Bacas (tenor), and Dave (trumpet), big ending with drum solo fills from Joel Rosenblatt

High Fever
Kind of a funky contemporary original chart, much like what Bob Mintzer wrote for Buddy Rich, solos by Bacas (tenor) and Stahl (trumpet)

Ballad For Jo
A beautiful ballad written by Allen Downey, features Dave on flugelhorn and trumpet

A medium tempo contemporary composition of Dick Lowell, solos by Rob Aries, Dave (trumpet) and a technical display on bass from Vince Fay

Straight-ahead jazz original by Pete Jackson, hard-swinging tenor solo by Gary Keller, powerful ending

Beautiful, haunting melody by Tom Boras, Dave featured on flugelhorn, contemporary groove underneath this melody, shifts into swing for a hot ensemble chorus

Bull Buster
An original minor blues by Dale DeVoe, features Dave on baritone horn to open up the chart; Jerry Sokolov and Chris Pasin trade trumpet solos followed by Gary Keller (tenor) spotlighted in some stop-time soloing; the ensemble shout gets lit up by the drums of Joel Rosenblatt; Dave is up there on the last note

A kind of techno-pop contemporary original by Dick Lowell, features technical, demanding lines throughout the ensemble; lead trombonist, Dale Kirkland, gets solo space

A beautiful original 3/4 time ballad by Pete Jackson, Dave on flugelhorn and a tenor solo by Gary Keller displaying his lyrical abilities

Night Flight
Up-tempo Latin original by Mark Taylor, Dave on flugelhorn, Frank Perowsky on soprano sax, exciting chart with a dazzling drum solo by Rosenblatt


Leader / Trumpet / Flugelhorn:  Dave Stahl

Trumpet / Flugelhorn:  Joe Mosello, Danny Cahn, Chris Pasin, Jerry Sokolov
Trombone:  Dale Kirkland, Rick Trager
Bass Trombone:  George Flynn
Saxes:  Frank Perowsky - alto, Gary Keller - tenor, Chris Bacas - tenor, Tom Boras - bari
Drums:  Joel Rosenblatt
Keyboards:  Bob Aries
Electric Bass:  Vince Fay
Percussion:  Pete Vargas


"It's polished, it's original, it swings, and Dave is certainly one of the most exciting trumpet men working today"
Bingo Bugle

"This is a powerful band, a very tight sax ensemble, and punching brass. ....Overall, this is a great, modern, big band album that you'll enjoy playing many times."
No Name Jazzletter

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