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Dave Stahl
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Dave Stahl Band Recordings

From A to Z

The latest CD by Dave and his NY band. After a number of years, Dave has regrouped his NY band for a new recording featuring the writing of Dave's chief arranger, Todd Fronauer, and also some charts that were written for Dave's band several years ago by Tom Boras and Frank Griffith. Dick Lowell is also included in the writing credits along with newcomer, Andrew Neu, who has been playing sax in Dave's PA band. A lot of the guys who were in Dave's band from before are back, along with some new faces, notably, Allen Farnham on piano and Bob Millikan on lead trumpet. It's a cross-section of styles and grooves pretty much covering the musical bases of big band writing from A to Z.


Allegheny Traveler
' This original of Todd Fronauer's starts off the CD with an infectious latin samba type groove that features a 3 trumpet solo round-about (Ken Rampton,Glenn Drewes, and Dave) with a rhythm break and a restatement of the catchy theme capped with a hot ending.

Doctor My Eyes
The Jackson Browne original set in much the same style by Todd, featuring Dave on the melody with a bluesy plunger solo on trombone by Bruce Eidem.

Everything Happens For A Reason
Written by Andrew Neu, this funk groove original features Dave and special guest,Tom Strohman, on tenor sax. Great low notes from George Flynn on bass trombone, hot grooves by the rhythm section with Brian Koonin on guitar, and Tom and Dave close it out with some interplay and a screaming ending.

This is another one of the several charts that Tom Boras wrote for Dave a number of years ago when Dave first started his NY band. Tom died 8 years ago (2003) but his legacy continues thru his music. A very accomplished writer,Tom presents a beautiful palette of emotions in this contemporary setting featuring some masterful playing by Allen Farnham on electric piano. Dave also solos as does Frank Basile on bari sax and Dave Ratajczak on drums.

Joy Spring
Clifford Brown's immortal tune receives a contemporary treatment from Todd Fronauer. We hear Ken Hitchcock letting loose on tenor sax and Dave on trumpet. Some interesting twists in this arrangement of this classic jazz standard.

Just Wanna Have Some Fun
Much in the same pop groove that Steve Winwood incorporated, Todd arranged this for the band featuring Dave and Andrew Neu on the melody with Andrew riding out the ending section of the chart with some great contemporary blowing over the band resulting in a final section sans rhythm section to an exciting last note. Some special sound effects also incorporated in this treatment.

The style/groove of Todd's arrangement is much the same as that done by Ahmad Jamal. This classic standard showcases the band in a wonderful ensemble chorus, the piano of Allen Farnham, special guest Strohman on flute, Dave on trumpet, and Ratajczak on drums and a touching ending to this beautiful standard.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
A classic from the American songbook. Dick Lowell uses a contemporary setting to feature Dave, Allen Farnham, and Dave Noland, on tenor sax, in a powerful ballad treatment. The whole band gets a workout on this.

Stahl's Call
Frank Griffith wrote this original chart for Dave a number of years ago. It's a straight-ahead up tempo chart with solos from Hitchcock, Rampton, Dave and Allen. The saxes also get a nice work out on a demanding soli. To the point, this chart is a swinger.

Too Late Now
A somewhat obscure tune but a beautiful melody as you will hear. Arranged by Frank Griffith, it features Dave on flugelhorn along with Hitchcock and Eidem on solo shots. Beautifully arranged, this is a lush ballad.

To Wane
This will get you pumped up. A real flag-waver, this arrangement by Fronauer of Harold Mabern's tune features Allen Farnham on piano along with Dave on a high flying solo and the band on a romping shout. This bright-tempoed chart is exciting from the start to the finish.

The final selection of this alphabetized CD recording, Andrew Neu returns with another original in a latin, Puerto Rican-style salsa chart that features the whole band along with solos by Dave, Frank Basile on bari sax, Glenn Drewes on trumpet, Dave Ratajczak on drums and some hot bass solo breaks by Pete Donovan. It's a rousing chart with lots of high notes and excitement — a good way to end the date.


Leader / Trumpet / Flugelhorn: Dave Stahl
Trumpet: Bob Millikan, Danny Cahn, Earl Gardner, Kenny Rampton, Glenn Drewes
Trombone: Dale Kirkland, Bruce Eidem
Bass Trombone: George Flynn
Saxes: Andrew Neu- alto, Ken Hitchcock- tenor, Dave Noland - tenor, Frank Basile - bari
Drums: Dave Ratajczak
Piano / Keyboards: Allen Farnham
Elecric / Acoustic Bass: Pete Donovan
Guitar: Brian Koonin
Percussion: Bill Hayes

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